Quantum Leap Winery

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Winery is located in Orlando, FL, and occupies 1,800-square feet of the entire winery layout totaling 17,000 square feet. It occupies an old warehouse space and is now a popular tasting room in the local area. The tasting room in the beginning was nothing more than cement floor, walls and high ceilings. These elements brought the biggest design challenge within the project: to find a way to dampen the echo that is inherent in warehouse spaces. Cork-panel flooring and wood elements help absorb sound in addition to suspended panels and floating boxes hanging from the ceiling to suppress noise from above. The owners felt very strongly about the design incorporating as many natural materials as possible due to their core values about the environment. The re-use of wine barrels can be seen not only in the exterior planters, but also in a large piece of custom artwork behind the bar that is made of curved planks from wine barrels. The tasting room features a walk-up bar and stand-up tables. The space has an industrial winery feel with mixes of contemporary finishes and leather furniture.