Ela Curry Kitchen

Ela Curry Kitchen, located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is a modern restaurant born from celebrated Chef Pushkar Marathe.  “Ela” means cardamom in Sanskrit and is one of Chef’s most favorite spices.  The design of this 1,500-square-foot space is styled with deep tones and uniquely detailed textures that will captivate your spirit and lead you on a breathtaking journey. This culturally inspired menu is only part of what transports diners to another world.  The combination of fresh, daring flavors of street food and the traditional Thai-style dining experience will intrigue your palate and initiate a desire to venture and experience a new dining excursion.  The one-of-a-kind, gold leaf embedded wall coverings will engulf you with a richness that is other-worldly.  The ornate brass lighting fixtures, hand-crafted tiles and solid wood carvings will only enhance the Indian culture with every sense, leaving your desire for the delectable dishes on Chef’s menu simply undeniable.