Stage Dining Room design


Stage is a modern small-plates restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens. This unique concept was created by renowned Chef Pushkar Marathe. It specializes in global cuisine, inspired by the chef’s worldly travels. The design of Stage mimics this idea, featuring colorful, global touches throughout. Though it features divine, high-end dishes, this restaurant is anything but stuffy – in fact, it gets its name from the lowest position in the kitchen. Rich blues, navy and dark gray met with touches of black iron, distressed wood and exposed brick work to convey Stage’s comfortable atmosphere. A warm, natural floor continues the vibe, and plush sofas and leather chairs in the entry welcome guests. The restaurant is brought to life with vibrant greenery flowing throughout the space. To polish off the design, copper accents – in particular, stunning copper lighting throughout – add a chic finish.

Photos by Libby Volgyes