Vince Carter’s

Vince Carter’s, located off of LPGA Blvd. in Daytona Beach, FL, is an upscale-casual restaurant that evokes a contemporary, lodge feel. This 11,000 SF space features several different dining experiences, including a piano lounge, main dining area, a VIP dining room featuring an exquisite, custom 17-ft. spiraled chandelier with individually hung lit globes, and a separate sports grill experience noted as a technological wonder. It features a 50-foot media wall, anchored by a 103-inch plasma screen, a favorite sports viewing area for guests. The restaurant also incorporates larger-than-life wood and stainless metal structures with star field lights suspended on aircraft cables from the 30ft. high ceiling along the main dining area. Stone and wood elements are used throughout, and a 30ft. glass wall with dramatic lakefront views is a favorite for diners. A backlit woven metallic grid rises 15ft. up a vertical wall in the main dining, and a feature booth area with overhangs add a dose of drama. A gallery wall that leads patrons through the main dining experience features contemporary art. Mixed metals, rich wood stains, patterns with movement, and hues of rich magentas and rust were the focus throughout this design.