cask and larter

Cask & Larder (WP)

Cask & Larder is a restaurant and craft brewery in Orlando, Florida near Orange and Fairbanks avenues in the building that once housed the historic Harper’s Tavern. The renovated restaurant is a wonderful blend of new and old. It was requested by the property owners that some of the interior elements be preserved in the 6,000-square-foot space, including a fireplace behind Cask & Larder’s kitchen bar, antique bottles set atop a railroad-tie beam in the main dining room, and old cypress wall panels. The design of the 150-seat restaurant and brewery provides patrons with a sense of casual Southern elegance with white panes of weathered oak and whitewashed shutters. The restaurant is split into two areas – a brewery that houses the main bar, and the one-of-a-kind dining room that acts as the centerpiece of the establishment. The restaurant’s brewery in the main bar houses industrial, stainless steel brew tanks that are showcased behind glass curtain walls allowing guests to watch the entire process.

Photos: Gary Bogdon Photography